the publius enigma



Again, they're no typos in the "new beginning".

Don't forgeT, there are no typos in the "new beginning". Take some
time And put it to good use.

Yet, I haven't heard anyone mention typos or grammar. I(f) you remember, there are no
typos within the my post.

If there were no typo's in the "New Beginning", dDo you think the code can be broken?
A machine code?? A written code in message 1 and 2.

there are no typo's in
any message I've delivered to you. This includes special character(s)
in place(s) where they should be or should not be or are missing
altogether, grammar, spelling, out of place words, words that don't
belong, etc... . Unless I made a direct statement about a post not
having a significant importance, then you must use the text that's
included within that post. This post is a good example. It has no
coded messages within it. You must consider everything in all the
posts. It's a must!

What are the typos?

Three messages are said to be hidden within Genesis' posts.
These posts contain strange characters and typos. These are supposed to reveal messages that lead to the key, the place to use the key and how to use it.

- Missing words
- Missing letters
- Duplicated letters and words
- Numbers within words
- the "bouncing objects"
-Other typographical characters

How to use the typos?

 All posts (from the beginning) leading up to each message have coded messages within the 
text body that give the exact location of the key, where and how to
use it, and the message on the key.


Should we talk only the capital letters? The words containing capitals? 

How to use the numbers that are inserted within words? 

Are the tildes in place of missing characters or capitals?

According to which modus operandi should we arrange the anagrams formed by the capital letters?