the publius enigma


The importance of Time

It is our understanding that TIME is an essential component of The Division Bell and of the Enigma.

Remember, time has it's place. (Genesis, April 18, 2005)

Time has given many clueS... (Genesis, May 20, 1999)

Time has given you a clearer view for whom you're looking to find.
The soldier's son remains a result of time. (Genesis, May 11, 1998)

The first clue is what we call the "EQUINOX LOGO", also known as the "Talking Heads". This pictogram certainly represent the cycle or "dialogue" of the Sun and Moon. The observation of the Sun and the Moon is the most simple way to account for TIME. A motif similar to "Stone circles" can be seen at the bottom of the pictogram. This again would suggest a calendric meaning.

The song HIGH HOPES starts with the ringing of BELLS. Bells have always been used as TIME MARKERS, mostly for religious purposes (to indicate prayers). The lyrics of the song are also a description of the creation of time second after the Big Bang (remember, physicist Stephen Hawkings is credited in the album) and a personal account of the experience of time in childhood.

The HIGH HOPES video shows several scenes which are symbolically related to the Solstices and the Equinoxes. (the fools, the sleepwalkers, the different circles,...)

The album Dark Side of the Moon contains a song called TIME.

Time, Places and Dates of birth of PF members can be found on the central page of the PULSE CD booklet. Why would musicians provide such information to the public if it were not significant?

The TIME video from the PULSE concert is full of symbols and objects related to TIME. 
- Cogs
- Clocks
- Hourglasses
- Arrows
- Zodiacal symbols
- Roman Numerals

An atomic clock gives a very precise pulse of time based on the vibration of cesium.

The timing of the messages from Publius and Genesis seems important. The dates they were delivered must be important but it is not known how.

TIME is also something essential for musicians. They must all play in TEMPO, in MEASURES to sound good.

[to be continued]