the publius enigma

The TALKING HEADS pictogram

"The Talking Heads"

picto pink floyd small

This symbol (pictogram) is found on two pages of The Division Bell (Poles Apart and back of CD box). 

But the same metaphor of "face to face" antagonism (or communication) can also be found on page 5 (WDYWFM), 8 (MAROONED), 11 AGDFF, 13 WtIO, 17 CBTL and possibly in the opposed boxing gloves of page 21 (LFW).

We interpret it as a reference to the EQUINOXES. The eyes represent the Sun and the ears (?) represent the Moon. The wave in between the mouths could be symbolising the equivalence of the day (Sun symbol) and the Night (Moon symbol). 

The Spring or Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of the zodiacal sign of ARIES. It correspond to the crossing of the path of the sun with the Equator.

Symbols of the SUN and the MOON are clearly visible on each faces.

At the bottom of the Talking Heads symbol there's a motif that look like the STONE ALIGNMENTS or stone circles which can be found all over England.

STONEHENGE is one of the most famous of these stone circles.