the publius enigma

The soldier

The soldier

In several posts Genesis mentions "an angry soldier" or a "soldier of Freedom". This has barely been discussed in the Publius Enigma Forum, so we are left guessing who this alludes to. A mythological character? A hero of WWI or WW II?

From: "Genesis"
Subject: !!!!!Message!!!!!
Date: 1997/08/15

A angry soldier running with his son.  A likely stare, but the
cover doeSn't tell all.

From: "Genesis"
Subject: [[[[[themessage]]]]]
Date: 1997/11/04

An angry soldier running with his son. How well have you researched the
land before their time?  Across the field, do you remember?

From: "Genesis"
Subject: :::::message:::::
Date: 1997/12/12

The soldier and his son will surely tell you where. 
If all elSe fails, review the post from Publius, this sets the field for
events.  Where are they flying)))? The son of the soldier will
tell you where. He is alive, can you find him?
By this, I say to our soldier of fReedom, he is alive in the music...

From: "Genesis"
Subject: ||||||message|||||
Date: 1998/01/07

The angry solDier's son is not meant to distract your
efforts.  If you
know where he is, he can be of great help...  He has many

From: "Genesis"
Subject: ***newmessage*****
Date: 1998/05/11

The soldier's son remains a result of time.