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TDB, Sagittarius and the Galactic Center

TDB and the Galactic Center

By Cordelia, January 11, 2006

Here's my newest theory about the meaning of the cover of The Division Bell. My hypothesis is largely based on analogic thinking, symbolic relationships and associations. It therefore may be incomplete and subject to contestations on many levels. I feel, however, that it fuses many elements from The Division Bell into a coherent unity.

TB cover

The front cover show a Head (made of two half faces) with targets as eyes. Ely's Cathedral is seen in the background, just above 4 lights (or stars).

The twin faces can be understood as the zodiacal sign of GEMINI. Or the sign of TAURUS, ruled by Venus, because of the heart shape of the two heads. But if the main theme of this album is communication, it's then related to the zodiacal TWINs.

gemini logo

The back cover shows three flags. But these flags can also be seen as BOWS or arches, or ribbons. If so, they point to the opposite sign of SAGITTARIUS. This makes sense as far as there are TARGETS on the cover. A BOW is used as a projecting device to shoot an ARROW on a TARGET.

In the zodiac, the bearer of the Bow is the Archer, SAGITTARIUS. 

sagittarius symbol

The zodiacal symbol of Sagittarius is an ARROW. In ancient Greece, Sagittarius was called TOXOTES, from which derives the word "toxic". It is my understanding that Sagittarius is the ANTIDOTE (ANTI-DOTS?) to the deadly sting of SCORPIO.

Genesis has used the symbol of the arrow several times in his posts (<==== o), saying "This is beginning". Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and number 9 is symbolically associated with new beginnings (because number 8/Scorpio is associated with death and sex, number 9 is about renewal and ressurection).

In many zodiacs, the cenTAUR CHIRON is often depicted looking BACKWARDS. The name Chiron means "hand". In Mythology, he is the "Helping Hand". His knowledge of Pharmacy (toxics) is legendary. He is also a teacher and a guide (pedagogos) for many heroes.


Astrologically speaking, the sign of Sagittarius is associated with the planet JUPITER, FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, HOPE,  LUCK (FORTUNE), WISDOM, HIGHER EDUCATION, HELPING HANDS, long distance TRAVEL, FRIENDSHIP...

sagittarius small logo

Interestingly, the Galactic Center (the beating HEART of our Galaxy) is located in the constellation of Sagittarius.
As a matter of fact, the cover of TDB has the shape of a Heart. Of course, the symbol of the Heart could be related to the two zodiacal signs rules by VENUS, TAURUS and LIBRA.

PF logo Heart

Sagittarius is  a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Vela (veil, sail, flag?) and Lupus (anagram of PUULS?).

So the HEART or EYE of our Galaxy is located where the Archer is pointing his ARROW.
Its declination is -25 degrees.
This constellation is best seen in AUGUST.

Moreover, the galactic center seem to host a massive Black Hole, referred to as Sagittarius A* (A star). But this black hole is VEILed by clouds of dust and gas.

A black EYE at the HEART of the Milky WAY is PULSATING or blinking...

pulse cover

Jupiter (Ziu pater or Zeus pater) is the all seing Eye of the Greek pantheon. He rules Olympus with THUNDER and LIGHTNING (like Odin). He could be then considered as the delicate master of thunder and lightning.

So it seems that the GENESIS of our galaxy is related to an EYE located in SAGITTARIUS. Just next to Sagittarius A*, there an ARC.

sagittarius constellation image

All these observations or clues confirm the importance of TIME.

A black hole is so massive that it bends time and space. In the Time video, clocks are bent like Salvador Dali's liquid watches. A reference to Einstein's (A STONE in German) theory of relativity, which was conceived using an exemple of twins, wearing TWO clocks and travelling at different speeds...

soft watches

Arrows are missing the target. They are falling just next to the target?

pulse arrows

Publius wrote his "I MAROONED LA" acrostic with the letter A preceded by a star (asterisk). does this relate to Sagittarius A*?

The Abbreviation of Sagittarius is SGR. Now if you take the letters from the alphabet in the sequence A=Z, B=Y, then the three letters SGR correspond to HTI, which can be read as HIT. The Arrow of Sagittarius, pointing at the galactic center will certainly HIT its TARGET in the HEART.

Now lets associate this theory with other "TDB components".

Pages 2-3 (CLUSTER ONE) of The Division Bell show an Observatory. If our galaxy started its genesis in Sagittarius, then we must find some significance in the star clusters found in this constellation. 

Could the "black dot" in the middle of the "three dots" represent the Black Hole of Sagittarius A*?

On the same double page, we also find the "three dots", the "Boatman" logo, the tripod, the page number "tres". These elements can easily fit our astronomical/astrological theory linking the zodiacal axis ofSAGITTARIUS-GEMINI. 

Genesis makes an extended use of the three parentheses ")))" (Bows?) and other typographical symbols in groups of three (|||, ~~~, \\\, ,,, (three commas), etc.) This could easily be understood as a reference to GEMINI, being the third sign of the zodiac starting in ARIES, and opposite to Sagittarius.

The "Equinox" symbol must signify a certain symmetry or opposition. and if the theme of the album is "Communication", then it points to the SAGITTARIUS-GEMINI axis, which is known to deal with this concept in astrology.

Equinox logo

The sign of GEMINI, ruled by Mercury, is associated with infancy or early childhood. If childhood is the time in our lives where we develop "HIGH HOPES", then, again, the GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS is implicated. Astrologically speaking, GEMINI is associated with primary education, while SAGITTARIUS is linked to higher education. Gemini represents the Apprentice, and SAGITTARIUS is the symbol of the Master, the Magician, the Teacher and the Guide or Mentor.

Remember when you were young
you shine like the sun
shine on you crazy diamond
now there's a look in your eyes
like black holes in the sky
shine on you crazy diamond
you were caught on the cross fire of childhood an stardom
blown on the steel breeze
come on you target for faraway laughter
come on you stranger
you legend
you martyr
and shine !

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Lyrics