the publius enigma


Places to visit

Enigmatists are supposed to visit some places in relation to the Enigma. What are these places? We can only guess what they are since no clear evidence have been found pointing to an identifiable location.

1) Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.

Ely cathedral

The beginning place of The Division Bell album, as it appears on the album cover. Why?

The cathedral has the shape of a cross

Ely stands for EEL EYE, but more probably derives from HELIE or HELIOS, an etymology which brings us back to the EYES or TARGETS of TDB.

2) Cambridge: King's College Chapel

Kings college chapel

3) Durdle Door

durdle door

The image on page 17 of TDB, Coming Back to Life, was taken at Durdle Door.

See Eric Spierings website for more details.

4) Stonehenge 


Stonehenge could be one place of importance. As the place can be defined as a "monu-mental" clock, it is related to the measure of TIME.

See Eric Spierings website for more details.

5) Cairo (Gizeh), Egypt


A possible reference to the "Dark side of the Moon" album

dark side of the moon