the publius enigma

THE ENIGMA: a precessional code?

A Precessional Code?

just  thoughts I had over the week-end...

Amicus, (Yes, I know, I borrowed this expression from our pseudo-mentor...)

I think the Enigma is a riddle of cosmological proportion.

The Enigma has something to do with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the new Age of Aquarius or Mankind.

It correspond to the BACKWARDS (clockwise) movement of the Zodiacal BELT around the vernal point (spring equinox) (1 degree every 72 years).

Genesis emphasis on reading backwards points to this clue.

A new Beginning for a new Genesis?

In Astrology, Aquarius is the sign of friendship, brotherhood-technology, humanitarian causes, among others.

Aquarius is associated with the 11th House ruled by Uranus.

The OPPOSITION between LEO and AQUARIUS (fire sign, flames - Air sign, waves) is defining the new AXIS of the Equinoctial Points.

The two other important fixed signs are TAURUS and SCORPIO (a sharpe Eye, indeed...)

The second AXIS is constituted by the two SOLSTICES. Both Equinoxes and Solstices form a grand CROSS in the sky. It is called the FIXED CROSS.

the Division Bell would then somehow refer to this cosmological clock or Great (Platonic) Year...


I imagine the KEY is to be found on our KEYBOARDS (an object you see...)

The Age of Aquarius is suggested by the use of the tilde-wave in his posts. (A key you see...)

The SYMBOL of Aquarius is a double wave. the O0oo~Oooo pattern in Genesis posts looks like a wave.

The NUM LOCK key lets you toggle between the number pad and DIRECTION. It is a kind of COMPASS.

The MOON and SATURN (the Keeper of the Gates of the Solstices) are ruling TIME CYCLES.

Similarities between the words Eclipses and Ellipsis.

"Dark signs from above" certainly refer to Solar and/or Lunar Eclipses.

The three dots of CO could refer to the Caput Draconis and the Cauda Draconis or Moon's Nodes, which are implied in Eclipses...