the publius enigma

Notes on the Enigma

Note #01

Date: 16 May 2005

Chapter 1. In the beginning, all of
you were looking strong. 
If I give you a 
 new gate, will most follow the
Enter not the less skeptic, but 

Chapter One of the I-Ching: The Creator. One of PF song in PAtGoD was called "Chapter 24" and referred to the "Book of Change".

Just open your eyes see, and under
I'll be...

I feel it has to do with astrology. "eyes see" ("IC" or imum coeli, midnight, winter solstice, house Nr 4, which is indeed opposite the meridian. Midnight is indeed the mark of a new beginning, a new day.

I don't judge negative feelings, only negative just... (ICE)

Genesis asked us to turn the cover upside down. Again, If I read what's in the front and back image I have:

- Four lights
- Two eyes
- Two men
- Three C-shaped flags

= Four - Eyes - Two - C's > For Eyes to See? Could be the Key long sought after...

 "The wars they have fought, and the flags they have flown,  may carry upward with chills of an appearance long forgotten and almost  unknown."

Seems to have something to do with Hereward the Wake (fo-ward; up-ward; Here-ward...).

"Just open your eyes..."

> the Awake, the Watchful...


... Hereward was subject to a man-hunt, if I'm right.

Latin will be an important clue. In his post dated 1998/02/25, Genesis uses the word "Amicus", which is latin for "Friend" (not sure if it should have been the plural "Amicum"...)
"Trust in the reason, Amicus? "


 "The key unlocks the designed solution" (post 1998/05/26) "You must locate the key!!  It is an object,,,you see!!! =Num_on_key (post 1999/07/05)

I think it has always been under our eyes. On our KEYboards, there's the NUM LOCK key.

" A key that switches the numeric keypad from numeric mode to cursor control mode, and vice versa. In numeric mode, the keys represent numbers even when they are combined with the Shift key, Function key, or Control key. Otherwise these combinations may have different meanings.

 The Num Lock key is a toggle key, meaning that it changes the current mode. If the numeric keypad is already locked in numeric mode, pressing the Num Lock key releases it."

TOGGLE:  To switch from one setting to another. The term toggle implies that there are only two possible settings and that you are switching from the current setting to the other setting.

 Roger Waters and David Gilmour
 Together, forever and ever
 thanking him
 now, this was easy let’s move forward
 the message is clear
 make no mistake, the Enigma is real
 I am with you all again.