the publius enigma



Here is a list of observations I made on Genesis posts. Hope this will help decipher the code
and solve the Enigma.


On April 21, 2005, Genesis wrote:

" You must understand how important this statement is before you begin,,, there are no 
typo's in any message I've delivered to you. This includes special character(s) in
place(s) where they should be or should not be or are missing altogether, grammar,
spelling, out of place words, words that don't belong, etc... .

Message titles

We could infer some hints from Genesis's message titles. It could be a way to organize the
messages in a special sequence (total number of signs of left and right).

<<<<<<<<<<The New Beginning>>>>>>>>>>


Publius, 28.11.94


Publius, 11.06.94


Publius 24.07.94


Anagrams (CAPITAL letters)

In some posts, Genesis places capital letters within the text, inside or at the end of words,
which form anagrams:

what your looking for has a Keeper.
If this startEd long ago, where were you?
Remember the Enigma is verY real,
Anagram = K-E-Y

"Quotes" or "clues"

Genesis mentions "quotes or clues " which could be coded messages. the question remains: how to decode them...

"The wars they have fought, and the flags they have flown, may carry upward with chills of an
appearance long forgotten and almost unknown."

Taking the last letter of each word:

"ThE warS theY havE foughT, anD thE flagS theY havE flowN, maY carrY upwarD witH chillS oF aN appearancE lonG forgotteN anD almosT unknowN."


EYES EYES DTN SYD HYFN ENGNDT...Not very conclusive...

counting the number of letters of each word:

"The(3) wars(4) they(4) have(4) fought(6), and(3) the(3) flags(5) they(4) have(4) flown(5), may(3) carry(5) upward(6) with(4) chills(6) of(2) an(2)
appearance(10) long(4) forgotten(9) and(3) almost(6) unknown(7)."

3444 6335 4453 5646 2210 4936 7

15      17       16     21     14      22   7  (???)

Wrong expressions

A hurdle to cross, I can see its height. (You don't "cross" a hurdle)
A plan to plot. (You plot a chart, not a plan)
A ploy to fly, a secrete to reveal,


Some of Genesis sentences are very ungrammatical. Is it intentional or is it a consequence of
his/her poor knowledge of English? If intentional, what's the purpose?

Will good positioned the Enigma as a direction to a powerful "machine" or messenger.
With faith, you're well on your way! But be careful, what your (you're) looking for has a
Did you doubt black signs from above from who?
No matter of speaking was a mistak3 made.

Word in Capitals

Now it's time to LISTEN.
Now it's time to UNDERSTAND their feelings for You.
I have NO glory of this.
-AAS II have SAID, open your minds again tO truly move ahead.

Words cuts

Of cour-Rse, within Reason, you'll find out soon enough.

Backwards sentences

This technique of writing backwards was applied by Publius in his post dated May, 2nd, 2004.

lepahc egelloc sgnik<---------->mac revir eht
The river cam <----------> kings college chapel

Additional words

Some of Genesis' sentences contain additional words.

In every post, only one clue is given to the (and) 2nd "message".
Come (to) together and discuss the remaining parts of the Enigma.
Your anger at "Publius" (is) can disrupt the focus you have.

Missing words

where (were) you when this all started,,,,,,before P*U*L*S*E???
Would you understand better if I were,

Misspelled words

Eye will be your test.
I have been ask(ed) to offer a statement on "Genesis's" relation to "Publius".
A(n) enigma it is...

Typos & missing letters

Fo(R)ward hope without segregate plans, may lead to distruction without helping hands.
Rem(EM)ber, rational implementation without clear and concisecommunicationÉ
The most unlikely place for a keK.
Religion does have it (its) place within the enigma.
My idenity (idenTity) is not important.

Doubled letters

Llet's not get confused.
My pPresence here is short lived;
Hear from me not untill I am needed.
dDo you think the code can be broken?
The third and final message has been delivered as proO-Mmised.

Inserted Letters

In some cases, Genesis inserts an additional letter within a word.

Once again, you are given a chaN~Rnce to listen to the message PF has
The messenger has never beOen allowed to reveal him(her)selF.
Not maL_ny know what some of E you do.

Omissions (missing letters)

I don't judge negative feelings, only negative just...
Just(ICE) or just(IFICATION)
W~th this in mind,
I(F) you remember, there are no typos within the my post.


"in time the significance of the sums of numbers within the first Genesis message will point
The "2+3=5" sequence appears in several of Genesis' posts.

2o+r 3 of you have a good understanding of your quest.
pr~2+evious, mistak3, = 5everal

Numbers within words

Sometimes, Genesis just adds a number within a word.
new beginnin9g
Now, back to pr~2+evious messages.

Numbers replacing letters

Will you be there to claim what's offered by 2olving the Enigma?
it works well in di3covering the remaining parts of the Enigma.
One 1ndividual is not enough.

Bouncing objects

Numbers are __~0oo0Ooo_~~important,
You have symbols denoting bouncing objects.00~O~ooO00~
~ooOo0oo^~ooBack to P*U*L*S*E. !
Can't make sense of this! The only analogy I can propose is that they represent planets.


Very often, Genesis uses a weird punctuation: commas instead of ellipsis, or closing
parenthesis, vertical bars or tildes at the beginning or end of a word or sentence.

Let me say~~~
Remember how close they are|||||
Again, I say...)))
Oone last thing,,,

Other punctuation

Genesis uses special characters in some of his posts.

>& killing the past, you're not.
Remember, you'll only have the key itself, not what's on the
key. <==^^^___O
Long the keeper has had the key? [ -]
Now then,,,
Let me say'''''
A sharpe<)) eye may even see the ringing of a new bell.
Communication ^is the key to the "new beginning."
You're not looking for ***me!

Combined letters & signs

th)))3e messages will satisfy true believers.
Now, back to pr~2+evious messages.
Éreligion and mystery go handOo0~~__oO and hand.

The "plus" sign

In some instances, Genesis uses the "plus" (+) sign instead of the "t" letter.
I invite you to take a better l00k where 'Norm' said the key mo5+ likely would be.
I've told you in many di+fferent ways that Publius & "Genesis" are one.

The "#" character

Having trouble w#ith the oddity of this sift?
This is the only case (in my knowledge) where Genesis uses this sign.

Typographic signs at the end of messages


Asterisks at the begining of a line

* How much thunder has been made?
* An unlikely place, try not to blink.

Tildes at the begining of a line

~As promised...

Rot13 or caesar cipher

Ebtre Jngref naq Qnivq Tvyzbhe
Roger Waters and David Gilmour


The word Genesis is often written between "quotes"
When Genesis mentions Publius, he (most of the time) writes it in capitals and without quotes.

Other hints

Research the flames we discussed days ago,,,
Look for the key, review previous poSt, and continue building trust.
This reward has a keeper.
Publius and Genesis are clues among themselves.
Communication has been and always will be the key to finding the reward.

The "Soldier"

our soldier of fReedom, he is alive in the music...
A angry 5oldier running with his son. A likely stare, but the cover doeSn't tell all.
The soldier and his son will surely tell you where.
The angry solDier's son is not meant to distract your efforts.
The soldier's son remains a result of time.

The three messages

PULSE is supposed to contain the first message.
If P~U~L~S~E harbors the first message, what's the most likely place for the second?
P*U*L*S*E is a vital part of the "new beginning".


If this started many years ago, where were you?
Remember, we are almost out of time.
The message is real, the time is now.
If the key is understood, it's time.
If you are well read and studied, where were you lonAg before this started?
If Time is the key and we have to "watch", then the key may be a watch, a clock.

The reason

Do you understand the reason?
Believing in the messenger,,,your trust in the reason has lead you home.

Trust - Faith - Belief
A leap of faith at last.
Above all, Trust.
have faith in what's in front of you now!
bBut do you trust the reason?
Search you hearts and your SoulS
I ask you to search your soul for the truth.

"Their Reason"

PF has a passion for secrecy, but a greater passion exist.

The new beginning

The "new beginning" is not your message, it's a direction.
It has been ask, "why a "new beginning"?

The Keeper

But be careful, what your looking for has a Keeper.
Proposition: Saturn / Chronos is the keeper of time. This planet rules the zodiacal sign of
Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius. Capricorn is the sign of the Winter Solstice (new
beginning). The astrological glyph of Saturn looks like a key.

The Key

Well, this is obviously the most sought after element.
The key unlocks the designed solution.
The key here has a meaning and a direction.

The importance of PULSE

By now, you unDerstand P*U*L*S*E has a significant importance to the "new beginning"
and the future of PF.
A "Collective Wheel of Objects" in the Eye:
- a Bike
- a Bell
- an Eclipse
- an Axe
- a Doll
- an Airplane
- Cogs (elements of a clock?)
- Circle of light dots (a reference to stonehenge?)
- The Macro-Microscope (back cover of booklet). Notice the constellations and the locker

The "smile"

Open the smile, now listen halF way, watch and listen like never before!!!
Use the next message, find the smile.
What is this "SMILE"? What does it mean?

Half Way

Now, you realize the impoRtance of P~U~L~S~E. "Half way", I say. This will help!

The "luckiest" person alive

Think of yourself as the luckiest person alive...the "new beginning" has much to offer.
Luck, fortune, chance, joy, enjoy, happiness, pleasure

~I~t can take many years to build a fortune.
~It could take Yyears to build a fortuNe. (New York?)

One by one

One by One and all numBered, you see. (OOBUC? See you Bio?)
Is this related to the sequence of posts or messages? Notes? Hours?

You see

I wonder if Genesis emphasis on the word "you see" should be understood as "UC",


ConsiDering all, I feel your fruStration
Cf. Saturn

The Date

What is the date? Why so late? Why the last one? Understand? No..
This post was dated May 21st, 1997. A day before the Sun's entry into the sign of Gemini

The Sharp Eye

"Finding a sharP Eye will be your test."

This mention of a "Sharp Eye" is quite intriguing.

Physical location

let me help by pointing out that there is another physical location that must be visited before final progress can be made.
The journey starts in Cambridge (Publius)

A machine code

A machine code?? A written code in message 1 and 2.

A reference to Welcome to the Machine?

Black signs from above

-Black signs form above reveal my existence.
Today, July 4th , black signs-from above,,,everywhere across the worlD.
- Eclipse of the Sun, New Moon,É (no eclipse at this date)
- Satellite view of a specific dark location
- Letters or characters on a keyboard
- Shadows


Every post contains 5everal "bits and pieces" for sure...Putting the pieces togetheR with
significant regard to long ago, is your best bet.