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The Enigma: a Machine code?

the Enigma Machine

Genesis mentions a "Machine Code". Is it a reference to the Enigma machine used by the German army during WWII? He also states that the Enigma code  is related to a important new theory of Biblical writings. Could he be referring to Michael Drosnin's "Bible Code" and Equidistant Letters Sequences? Or more simply to a "typing machine code"? Is this "machine" an allusion to the "deus ex machina"(from the Greek: apo mechanes theos), the god (out of) the machine?

Definition (Wikipedia): a deus ex machina is a quick fix in a story. In modern terms the Deus ex machina has also come to describe a person or thing that suddenly arrives and solves a seemingly insoluble difficulty. The notion of Deus ex machina can also be applied to a revelation within a story experienced by a character, narrator, etc, which involves the individual realizing that the complicated, sometimes perilous or mundane and perhaps seemingly unrelated sequence of events leading up to this point in the story are joined together by some profound concept.

Genesis, May 7, 2005

Why "Genesis", Will good positioned the Enigma as a
direction to a powerful "machine" or messenger.

Genesis, April 18, 2005

If there were no typo's in the "New Beginning", dDo you think the code can be broken? 
A machine code?? A written code in message 1 and 2.

Genesis, April 27, 1998

If this startEd long ago, where were you? Why "Genesis", Will good
positioned the Enigma as a direction to a powerful "machine" or

If we take Genesis words for granted, the "Machine" could also be a "Messenger". Is it a reference to a Instant Messenging server like AOL (AIM) or an IRC chatroom?

[update, February 1st, 2006]

A first obvious deduction would be that it refers to an Answering Machine, a device designed for feedback.

But interestingly enough, Genesis awkward sentence seems to direct us to Will Good's website. This excellent website discuss the Enigma from the perspective of Cybernetics and Wiener's notion of Feedback. If communication is key to solving the Enigma, then the concept of CYBORG must be important to the solution. As a matter of fact, an answering machine is a kind of extension of ourselves, –a remote ear ?–, a machine whose purpose is to "intermediate" between us and our correspondants. 

It can then also be viewed as a screen (Mister Screen?) between us and the world. If Genesis is about "New Beginnings", then we must consider the notion of finality, revelation or APOCALYPSIS, etymologically the "lifting of the screen, or the veil". During the last century, many "esoteric teachings" have been unveiled. This tendency could be related to the so-called "age of Aquarius" symbolically represented by the double wave of its astrological glyph.