the publius enigma



What's the importance and meaning of Light in the works of Pink Floyd? 

Symbolically, the notion of light is associated to intelligence, illumination, the day, birth & life, while darkness is related to ignorance, fear, the night and death. Light and Darkness are also the archetypal symbols for the Solstices.

The Pulse CD shows a composition of objects which could all be related to the symbolism of light as life, intelligence and knowledge.

On the Pulse booklet front page, a man (icarus?) is crucified or suspended by rays of light. On the back cover, an object that looks like a microscope is emitting light.

pulse cd frontpulse front coverpulse back

The images inside the PULSE CD booklet are taken from the lightshow. Why such an emphasis on the light ?

pulse light show

Delicate Sound of Thunder is also related to light, with the man wearing the light bulbs.


The Dark Side of The Moon "prism" is used to decompose light.

dark side of the moon image