the publius enigma

The High Hopes Video


In this video, the theme of Circularity is very important, as Storm Thorgerson stressed it in an interview:

Ron: You're involved in the editing process, right to the end of the completion of these videos, right? Some of the shots seem to work so well together. There's an image of some people sitting in a circle that dissolves to the image of a spinning wheel. Are things like this predetermined or is all of this worked out while editing?

Storm: It's predetermined to a degree. It was a thought, a theme. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. There's a certain circularity to the song, and to the memories that Dave has, and where he'd come from and where he'd got to. So there's a certain circularity, life's rich cycle if it were.


However, this remark is clearly an understatement. Because the circularity of the song is somehow related to the circularity of time and the four stations of the Sun's path, the solstices and the equinoxes. This is quite clear from the video shots shown hereafter.

The lyrics of High Hopes are many layered. They speak of the different facets of time, from the creation of Time after the Big Bang to the personal experience of time during childhood.

sleepwalking image

Sleepwalking back again. A reference to the Summer Solstice.

the winter solstice fools

The fools are probably symbolising the Winter Solstice

the teddy bear

bouncing objects 1

bouncing objects 2

the curfew bells

The "curfew" Bell?

the bicycle wheel