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The Third Message

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The Third Message

Third message holDs the key the real master wants! 

Genesis, 08/01/2005

The key has at laSt been found-|I applaud ~syncopa~for this discovery!

Genesis, 06/22/2005

On the evening of July 4Th 2005 I will again post.  This one post
without any code. The location of the key will be given. Be alert and
read the post with high hopes in mind.

Genesis, 07/04/2005

What to do with the key has been delivered.  As I posted long ago, I
call your attention to Delicate Sound of Thunder.  The beginning intro
is where you find the key itself.  YES! You are looking for a key!  An
actual key.  What is this key?  Why Delicate Sound of Thunder?  A
fluke no doubt, but it will now be added to the collective wheel of
objects in your possession.  Not just "added" but pondered about until
the "master" takes time to use it. 


Why Delicate Sound of Thunder? What can we associate with this expression? I guess it point to the sound made by BELLS being rung. Genesis points to High Hopes in his message from June 22, 2005.

Be alert and read the post with high hopes in mind. 

Ringing of Bells can be heard in the intro to High Hopes. So the Division Bell must have something to do with campanology, the art of ringing bells. Bells have always been rung as "time markers", to call "the faithful to their knees" (DSOTM, Breathe Reprise).