the publius enigma

The First Message

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The First Message

The FIRST MESSAGE was to be found in PULSE. But it is still unclear if it was finding someone sitting next to Rick Wright (another keyboardist?) or finding someone or something during the first 2 minutes of the Pulse Time video. SIDENOTE: The face seen in the Time video is Polly Samson. Is she deeply involved in this Enigma?

Genesis, 07/25/1997

A vital part of the "new beginning" lies withIn the central meaning of

Genesis, 06/17/1997

P*U*L*S*Ee speaks the first message, listen very closely...  Follow the
breathe, the "new beginning" has begun!  Watch and listen like never

From: "Leegstra Hard- & Software", Date: 07/04/1997

Some people think it's all about nothing, but it's not. Who is publius?
Maybe someone of the band. It could be Douglas Adams!


Also true. During the Earls Court shows at one night a special guest is
playing along with the band. It's not Douglas Adams. He is sitting next
to Rick Wright at the keyboards. Who is he? I saw a picture of this but
it's to dark to see who he is!

Genesis, 07/08.1997

The first message is known. Leegstra Hard-& Software has found me!