the publius enigma

Introduction to Genesis messages

The Three Messages

According to Genesis, three "coded" messages hidden in his posts are supposed to lead us to the resolution of the Enigma and the "treasure". So what are the three messages?

The first MESSAGE

If you find me, that's the first complete message.
The first message is known. Leegstra Hard-& Software has found me!
P*U*L*S*E holds the answer you are looking for.
The first message is known, now look carefully at each post.
If P*U*L*S*E holds the first, what's the most likely place for the second?

The first two hints seem to suggest that the first message is to find the identity of Genesis. Some people mentionned JON CARIN as being Genesis. But Genesis also indicate that the answer lies in PULSE. Jon Carin does play in PULSE. His name and date of birth are mentionned on the central page of the PULSE booklet. (born on October 21, 1964, at 06:50 in New York) Leegstra Hard and Software (1997/07/04) suggest the following:

Also true. During the Earls Court shows at one night a special guest is playing 
along with the band. It's not Douglas Adams. He is sitting next to 
Rick Wright at the keyboards. 

So someone playing the keyboards could be Genesis. As a matter of fact, Jon Carin does play the keyboards. Is he the "special guest" mentionned by Leegstra? Who else could be sitting next to Rick Wright at the keyboards?

The second MESSAGE

So far, the second message has'nt been identified.

Another piece of the second message,,, 
A angry soldier running with his son.  A likely stare, but the cover doeSn't tell all. 

The third MESSAGE

...Still trying to figure out...