the publius enigma



The theme of Feedback seems to be at the centre to the Enigma. It is illustrated by the table tennis players in the High Hopes video.

ping pong players

Douglas Adams was a big fan of feedback.

"One of the most powerful forces in nature is about to come into view in the online medium: the feedback loop - where the input stage of one iteration is the output stage of another iteration,... Feedback loops are what drive evolution..."
-Fast Company, The Hitchhikers Guide to the New Economy

"He establishes points that are so fundamental, most people will probably have not even stopped to consider them ... Interactive may be a term severely lampooned by those sick of e-this and e-that hype ... But 'interactive' makes for individual empowerment. Where the telephone is one-to-one communication and newspapers and television are one-to-many, the Internet is many-to-many."

"Tight feedback loops. As a novel writer I’m used to feedback loops of about a year. As we at The Digital Village start to produce interactive content for the web, I’ll be able to respond to feedback loops measured in minutes. Feedback loops are the most powerful process we know of, being responsible for everything from guitar howlround to the evolution of life. As their power begins to invade all of the electronic transactions of our lives, the effect will be, I’m convinced, as fundamental as the invention of printing, broadcasting, and telephony."
-Douglas Adams, AppleMasters

 An extended discussion of the notion of Feedback in relation to the Enigma can be found HERE.