the publius enigma


The Eyes

"The eye of the "new beginning" beholds the ultimate prize."

Genesis, 04.22.1997

The winged eyes

EYES are TARGETS.This means we should FOCUS more on them. If the Steel Faces are symbols of the SUN and the MOON, they are talking to each other.
The Sun and the Moon are the Eyes in the sky.
The telescopes on page 3 are Eyes to watch the sky... or the Eyes in the sky!
The "discoball" of page 5 is full of Eyes.
The "Golden Boy" mentionned in Poles Apart looses that light in his eyes.
The close-up image of page 8 is focused on the Steel Face Eye.
The Daisies of AGDFF (page 11) are Day's Eyes.
The faces of WtIO (page 13) are focused on the eyes.
Ely stands for "EEL EYE".

pulse eye & stonehenge