the publius enigma



Ely Cathedral occupies a central position within The Division Bell album. Right at the centre of the Steel Heads. The cathedral is pictured on the cover and on page 15 (Take It Back). Why?


Our best guesses are the following:

1) Religion is a main theme of this album. If the Division Bell is about a Chiasmus or Divorce or problem of communication, it may well suggests the Division of the Church between the Roman and Orthodox (Twin?) churches (East-West).

2) The etymology of the place (EEL EYE or some derivations of Helie, Helios, the Sun) is important in the context of the album. Ely Cathedral is oriented along an East-West axis (rising-setting sun). Hence the importance of the Sun symbol (Eyes-Targets as astrological representation of the Sun).

steel heads

3) Ely Cathedral has the shape of a cross. It is oriented according to the four cardinal points. The Steel Heads seem to be located South-East from the cathedral.

4) The inverted Cross of St. Peter can be seen between the Faces.

5) The Faces have the shape of a Heart. The "heart" of Christianity is located in Rome, at the Vatican. In a way, the basilica of St. Peter of Rome can be considered as the EYE or HEART or Christianity.

Heart logo

6) The symbol of Christianity is the (Talking?) Fish (The astrological constellation of the Pisces rising at the Vernal Point around the time Jesus was born).

Talking Fish logo

7) The Steel Heads can be seen as TWIN HEADS. Rome was founded by the Twins Romulus and Remus.