the publius enigma

The Three Dots

Possible meanings of the three dots

Here are our hypotheses concerning the meaning of the three dots on page 2 of The Division Bell.

The Cycle of the Moon (NEW MOON in Black, or an Eclipse)

Water (H2O)

Binary code 101 or 0101

Orion Belt (middle Star is Alnilam, "belt of pearls")

POLARIS at the centre, surrounded by beta Ursa Minoris & gamma Ursa Minoris

A Pulsar (P.U.L.S.E art...), Pulsating, Periodic or Flashing Light... A Good measurer of Time (See TDB UK Cover). Pulsars were first discovered in 1967 by Jocelyn BELL Burnell...

The Middle POSITION of a stone or a landmark? (Heel Stone at Stonehenge?)

A reference to DSOT (Delicate Sound Of Thunder? )

Leading the Blind?

Now another approach would be to consider the three dots as part of Braillecharacters. The Braille alphabet is made of two columns of three vertical dots. And The Division Bell CD box does contain the name "Pink Floyd" printed in Braille.  Let's have a look at which Braille characters those three dots can be related. We are looking for a sequence of White-Black-White dots.

R in Braille This is the character "R" in Braille

O in Braille This is the character "O" in Braille

W in Braille This is the character "W" in Braille

comma in Braille and this is the comma in Braille

The characters R-O-W and the comma in Braille do contain the same three dots as the Cluster One dots. The artwork of Cluster One also points to elements containing the "three", that is the tripod and the page number "tres". The theme of Blindness then seems to be an important part of the album. If the three dots do represent Braille, it is a bit ironic to have them on a page showing telescopes... Unless it is a hint toward the famous Greek blind seer, TiRESias...

Why the three dots?

The Braille letters R-W-O suggest the initials O+RW (Rick Wright). Rick's the co-composer of Cluster One. He's been momentarily "obscured" or "eclipsed" from the group. He reintegrates the band in DSOT and becomes a full member of the band with The Division Bell album.