the publius enigma

Bouncing Objects

~I~t can take many years to build a fortune..~Ooo0~o_Oo 

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005

 )))One by 0oo0O~+_oO0one3, all numbered you see.

Date: 1998/01/14

 One by02o~~__ooO one, all numbered you see. 

Date: 1998/01/07

 One by0oOooo One and all numBered, you see.

Date: 1997/12/12

 ~ooOo0oo^~ooBack to P*U*L*S*E. ! 

Date: 1997/11/04

 OoO-+200oo a closer look,,, 

Date: 1997/09/30

 Before OoOR00oo closer look,,, 

Date: 1997/09/15 


Date: 1997/06/17

 º¨¨º~oo^ A clearer point…. 

Date: 1997/05/29