the publius enigma



A key (The Key?) to solve Publius Enigma is : BACKWARDS.

Most of Genesis' posts contain hints pointing  in this direction:

Backwards for a moment...
Backwards we fall again...
Sleepwalking back again...

<+---o (this sign points backwards)
|||//| (backward sequence of signs: 3-2-1 or c-b-a)
))) (the flags on the back cover of the booklet look like inverted Cs)

This means that, in order to move forward we should:

- Listen BACKWARDS (has anyone tried to listen TDB this way?)

- Read BACKWARDS (from last page to first page)

- THINK BACKWARDS (speculate creatively...)

- Communicate BACKWARDS (that is, give some feedBACK...)

To speculate a bit on this idea, let's consider a few things:

1) Cathedrals are oriented West-East, with the choir situated at the eastern end. East equals ORIGIN, BEGINNING. When you enter a church in the West, you WALK BACK toward the RISING SUN.

2) CBTL is about resurrection, bringing back life. re-anima-ting
3) TIB: ...She will take it back some day...
4) WtIO: I'm creeping back to life
5) AGDFF: Freedom is back again

also of interest in relation to BACKWARDS

1) the Chiasmus Theory
2) all the inverted symmetries we found
3) Right-Left antagonism (Right is Good, Left is Bad, that's why it has long been associated with women...)
3) High Hopes lyrics, certainy about the "Big Bang", the Origin of the Universe

3) there's a hunger still unsatisfied: May be a desire to go back to the Origin, the Womb, to experience UNITY. (remember the Myth or Allegory of the Cave by Plato...)

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66 (6 is a PERFECT Number, but perfection is the death of MOUVEMENT, hence the 666 symbolism...)