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The Steel Heads

TDB stone heads image steel heads
The "Stone" Heads The "Steel" Heads CD front cover

Every doorway has two sides, this way and that,
One facing the crowds, and the other the Lares:
And like your doorkeeper seated at the threshold,
Who watches who goes and out and who goes in,
So I the doorkeeper of the heavenly court,
Look towards both east and west at once.

Ovid, Fasti, Book I

The heads form the shape of a HEART, with ventricles and atrii. A Heart of Steel? A Heart of Stone?

A kind of GATE ?

Between the mouths, there are four LIGHTS and Ely Cathedral can be seen in the background.

The Eyes look like TARGETS. Each target can be associated with the symbol of the SUN.

We think this image represent the Equinoxes, or more specifically the Autumn Equinox, in the zodiacal sign of LIBRA (ruled by VENUS).

An "invisible" and inverted CROSS lies between the steel faces. It could be a reference to the Cross of St-Peter, founder of the Church of Rome.

The Faces are supposed to express the notion of COMMUNICATION.