the publius enigma

A Great Day for Freedom


This image is quite intriguing. The Page number is repeated twice in German: ELF-ELF. (eleven-eleven)
the Total of the two face is 22. The faces are placed back-to-back.

The picture is composed of two images separated by a TEAR.

On the Left are DAISIES or a daisy chain. the background looks like a wall.
DAISIES are somehow the symbol of the FLOWER POWER or the 60's and its famous motto:

On the right, two faces made of crumbled newspaper oppose each other.
The newspaper name s the "EVENING STANDARD". (A possible reference to the MOON).

The idea of domination is suggested by the position of the right paper "head".

The right picture is a reference to the Fall of the Wall of Berlin and the end of the Cold War, on November 8, 1989.

The common link between the two images is to translate the words DAISY and WAR in Latin.


The word REA can be read on the right stand. REA can be an anagram for AER - EAR and ERA.

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War, a new ERA for the World.

A CROSS can be seen on the inside of the left paper head.

The Number ELEVEN is the exact difference between the Sun and the Moon cycles.

Sun cycle = 365 days - Moon cycle = 354 days = 11 days.

[update August 12, 2006]

The meaning of this image might be revealed if we keep in mind the notion of symetry. If we apply a half-rotation to the last two digits of 89 we get 68.

The Fall of the Wall of Berlin in 1989 was a "revolution". The "Ship of Fools", i.e. The Communist Block, started to fall apart.

1968 is marked by some events that match the chain of daisies on the left part of the image and which can also be considered as "a Great Day for Freedom".

- Flower Power, sexual revolution, campaigns against the Vietnam war.

- May 68 in Paris, another "revolution"

- On Nov. 11, 1968 The Maldives were declared a republic. The Maldives are a "cluster" or "chain" or "garland" of islands (an archipelago, also cf. Kastellorizo...) located in the Indian Ocean, 700 km south-west of Sri Lanka. H.C.P. Bell, a British commissioner of the Ceylon Civil Service, was shipwrecked on the islands in 1879.

-Apollo 8 mission on Dec. 24, 1968. Astronauts Borman, Lovell and Anders, first humans to leave Earth orbit and to orbit around the Moon, read from the book of Genesis during a Christmas Eve television broadcast.

- June 1968, Pink Floyd "A Saucerful of Secrets"

The lyrics of this song evoke some sort of liberation from a conflicting situation (Polly Samson's breakup with Heathcote Williams? Birth of Charlie, Polly's son?)