the publius enigma


According to Genesis, PULSE is a key element to the Publius Enigma.

P*U*L*S*E is a vital part of the "new beginning". 

P*U*L*S*Ee speaks the first message, listen very closely...

If P~U~L~S~E harbors the first message, what's the
most likely place for the second?

The cover image illustrates the Cycle of Life or the Cycle of Water.

Life emerges from the sea.

The iris also symbolises a total eclipse of the Sun.

There are a number of hidden elements in the eye.

- A Bicycle (5:00)

- Cogs (at 8:00)

- An airplane (4:00)

- A Doll 11:00)

- An axe (or a flag, or a bottle? at 9:00)

Paper Doves (a reference to A Great Day for Freedom?)

Airplane flying to the Gizeh Pyramids (Egypt)

The PULSE "Wheel of Objects"

The "collective wheel of objects" mentionned by Genesis could be related to the PULSE Album's cover. If we try to match the elements hidden in the iris with the zodiacal wheel, a certain pattern emerges.

COGS are elements from a clock, so they must refer to the sign of CAPRICORN, which is under the rulership of Saturn / Chronos, the Keeper of TIME.

BELLS (the Division Bell as an instrument for democracy) can be related to the sign of AQUARIUS, which is known for its hunger for independance, freedom, democracy.

The BICYCLE should be "visually" related to the sign of PISCES.

The glyph of the sign of ARIES looks like a BIRD. So the "Paper Doves" and the PLANE on the cover could be associated with this sign.

pulse zodiac

Pulse CD 1

One interesting thing to notice in relation to Harmony and sacred numbers is the artwork of CD 1 of Pulse.
The artwork on the first CD represents the "Modulor" from the Swiss architect Le Corbusier.  It is a "canon" of "divine proportions" based on the number PHI (1.618 or 0.618).

pulse cd1


The artwork from the second CD represent the morphological genesis of a fish and the Moon cycle. Notice the division of the circle in eight parts (The Greek oktotopos?).

pulse cd2

Numbers in PULSE

Numbers are important in PULSE. But these numbers are the birth dates of the band members.

(Data to compute astrological charts of the band)
 Source: PULSE CD

 David Gilmour (See chart in PDF)
 9 PM
 Sun Pisces, Asc Libra

 Nick Mason (See chart in PDF)
 11 PM
 Sun Aquarius, Asc Libra

 Richard Wright (See chart in PDF)
 Hatch End (London)
 4:30 AM
 Sun Leo, Asc Leo

 Jon Carin (See chart in PDF)
 6:30 AM
 New York
 sun Libra, Asc Scorpio

 Gary Wallis (See chart in PDF)
 5:20 AM
 Sun Capricorn, Asc Capricorn

 Tim Renwick (See chart in PDF)
 9:30 AM
 Sun Leo, Asc Libra

 Guy Pratt (See chart in PDF)
 7:30 AM
 Sun Capricorn, Asc Capricorn

Other band members birth dates:

 Syd Barrett
 Hour unknown
 Sun Capricorn

 Roger Waters
 Hour unknown
 Sun Virgo 

 Sam Brown
 6 AM
 Sun Libra, Asc Libra