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Cluster One

cluster onecluster one

The image was shot at the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile. It is a cluster of telescopes. The word CLUSTER contains the letters CTRL (cf. Publius Communicate-Think-Read-Listen) and the word USE. So CLUSTER ONE may be read as USE CTRL ONE. And the CTRL key on a keyboard is short for CONTROL key. This raises the question of control and feedback loops, as explained here.

Originally, Pink Floyd formed a "cluster" of musicians, some of whom were certainly interested in astronomy. This group was later to be divided because of the CONTROL Roger Waters wanted to have on the group. The respective positions on the matter did send Gilmour and Waters POLES APART, each of them being somehow MAROONED (on an Island...). Each of them could have asked the other: "What do you want from me?".

The artwork of CLUSTER ONE hints toward ASTRONOMY as a means to measure Time by observing the REVOLUTIONS of the planets and deep sky objects.

NOTE: Cambridge is well known for TRINITY COLLEGE and ASTRONOMY.

Page number TRES, the Tripod and the Three Dots share the notion of Trinity, Ternarity, Triangularity.

The biblical concept of Trinity follows the same principle of Three-in-Oneness. Trinity is therefore a "cluster" of three divine attributes fused into a single and indivisible concept.

cluster one logo

The Boatman logo

- Page Number 3/TRES (Spanish)
- Observatories - Telescopes - Galileo
- Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile. - White Domes
- Sky watching (Astronomy)
- Stars - Star clusters - M44 (Beehive cluster)

- Tripod - Three foot - Three legged
- Bins?
- Two white Poles in the background
- Boatman logo - TG - Thomas+Gilmour (steermen of the album)
- BOOTES (constellation of the Ox driver)+ Arcturus (main star)
- Driving the Seven Oxes (Great Bear)
Three dots
- Orion constellation
- Orion Belt
- H20 (water)
- Pulse - pulsar - flashing star
- Phases of the Moon (NM-FM-NM)
- DSOTM "Time" artwork

Duration: 5'58''
Mirror composition (palindrome) ?
-Earth crust sound (contains voices?)
- Bees
- Birds
- Frogs