the publius enigma

Update on the 2-5-(8)-11 code

The astrological meaning of the 2-5-8-11 code

On several occasions, Genesis included the numbers 2, 5 & 11  in his posts, as we have shown here

The explanation of this code could be quite simple. It is based on the astrological position of the FIXED signs (TAURUS = 2, LEO = 5, SCORPION = 8 & AQUARIUS = 11) in the zodiac. The fixed CROSS is the spiritual axis of the Zodiac. 

Each sign of the fixed cross is also representative of an Element quality. Taurus is EARTH. Leo is FIRE. Scorpio is WATER and Aquarius is AIR. These signs are the Four Beasts of the Book of Revelation. They represent the four evangelists: Leo is MARK, Aquarius (man) is MATHEW, Taurus (ox) is LUKE & Scorpio (Eagle) is JOHN.


The same symbols can be found on the 21st Tarot card: The World. It is a symbol of completeness.

tarot the world

The Age of Aquarius, which is about to happen, can be understood as a NEW BEGINNING, a new cycle in the history of Humanity. If my theory about the code is correct, it is interesting that Genesis seems to point to the Book of Revelation, which is "Poles Apart" from the Book of Genesis.

Moreover, the three last message from Genesis (August 1, August 6, August 17) were posted while the Sun was transiting LEO.

On May 21st, 1997, Genesis asked :

What is the date? Why so late? Why the last one? Understand?

May 21st is the last day where the Sun is in TAURUS. May 21 is also 05/21... which totals to 26. 1997 also totals to 26 (1+9+9+7). He seems to point us to the astrological sign of TAURUS, which precedes the sign of the twins, GEMINI. In a certain way, Genesis and Publius are sorts of TWINS ("one without the other won't work...").

Is The Division Bell a tribute to the Age of Aquarius? A homage to Nick Mason (AQUARIUS) or Rick Wright (LEO)?

On May 14, 1997 (TAURUS), Genesis wrote:

"one was thanked, thanking him for all he had done."

Interestingly, the capitalized letters in this post are : RW (Rick Wright?) and PE.

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